A grant program “Joint Economic Initiatives” was launched within the framework of Phase 2 of the project: “Social Mobilization of Families of Labor Migrants and Vulnerable Families”, in cooperation with UN-Women with financial support from the UK Government.
Members of self-help groups from the target districts of Isfara, Kanibadam, Asht, B. Gafurov and Ganchi developed and presented project proposals for the implementation of economic initiatives of the GWP aimed at improving the welfare of the groups. The projects were mainly aimed at strengthening the material and technical potential of the groups through the purchase of equipment: tractors, mowers, sprayers, as well as greenhouses, workshops for the development of folk crafts, for the production of downy shawls from fine-fleeced goat wool, equipment for crushing apricot pits.
The selection committee, which consists of representatives of various structures of the Sughd region: the department for women and family affairs, the Agency for Employment and Social Protection of the Population, the Migration Service, representatives of public organizations considered and approved 9 projects for funding.
The grant for the purchase of a tractor and the creation of a plant for drying vegetables and fruits was received by the SHP from the Histevarz jamoat in partnership with the Credit Union “Imkon-2014”.
A grant was awarded for the Development of Agribusiness in the Kulkent jamoat of the Isfara region in cooperation with the Credit Union “Hayrandeshi Munzifa”, Construction of a greenhouse for growing organic vegetables in J. Navgil, in cooperation with the Hosilot cooperative, as well as presenting a project to ease the working conditions of the SHG members in cooperation with the Rushdi Bonuvoni Kamar NGO, the SHG members received a truck.
In the Ganchinsky region, members of the SHP received a grant for the development of beekeeping in cooperation with the Mirzobek dekhan farm, for the construction of a lemonarium in cooperation with the Imkon-2014 Credit Union, sewing suzane in J. Mujum with NGO “Modar va Kudak”.
In Asht district, the construction of a greenhouse was financed in cooperation with the NGO Support Center “Mekhrobod”.
To date, members of the GWP under the SEI program are implementing 9 projects, which will create 94 jobs, 83 of them for women.