UN Women supporting AWS on emplementation of “Social mobilization of migrant’s family members” project which was started on November 2010. 

Mama cash supported the project “Gender education” under which the Women’s Legal Center of AWS held seminars to raise the level of gender education. 

USAID is a close partner of AWS, which supported the organization in various projects: “Social rehabilitation / support for vulnerable groups of women” (2005), “Enterprise Development Project” (2003), “Creating an AWS held 18 two day trainings “Community and Development” for the social and public councils which have been established by ACTED in the territories of Sughd province of Republic of Tajikistan and Batken region. 

UNDP is also a priority partner and donor of AWS and supported the organization in conducting a series of trainings and projects, among which are the project “Capacity building in 3 JSC of J. Rasulov region” (2005) and IREX supported AWS on implantation of the project “Social rehabilitation / support for vulnerable groups of women”, within the expense of U.S. Agency for International Development (USA) (2005), Global Fund (2006-2008), MIZERIOR (Germany) (2009-2010 ) from January 5, 2005